About Me

I'm Cristina Bosi, I'm a jeweller and I work in Borgo Val di Taro, Italy.

My shop was opened in 1961 by my father and I'm enjoing to continue this family business!

Since I was a child I was delighted by this enchanting jewellery world.

I strongly believe in "Made in Italy" especially when the particular product is made so well.

All gold and silver jewellery is designed and manufacted in Italy by small firms using skills that have been passed through generations.

I don't believe in fast fashion and mass producing, but in timeless and high quality items that last and can be enjoyed for many years and become an intimate pleasure of our lives. The vast majority of the silver collection is craftmade and not submitted to any galvanic bath and that's why it is totally hypoallergenic. My little shop is such a personal business and has been such a passion of mine that somehow even my doughters have become involved. Togheter we created this website.

I've always been a keen traveller so when it's possible I like to explore new places with all my family. Otherwise, time at home in my house with my sweet dog Ginger, who inspired me creating the logo of  "The Wishing Jewel". 

Contact Me

Via Nazionale 19

43043, Borgo Val di Taro (PR) Italy

P.IVA 02724400342


Tel: 0525 99735

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